• The Ministry of Home Affairs has established an Anti Trafficking Cell to deal with matters relating to law enforcement response on Trafficking in human beings, excluding legislative, welfare and promotional aspects, which are subject matters of Department of Women & Child Development. The Cell provides suitable guidelines to the States/UTs from time to time for strengthening law enforcement response in tackling human trafficking. It also acts as an interface with other Ministries like Ministry of Women & Child Development, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Ministry of Railways etc. to address the issues of human trafficking. The Anti Trafficking Cell also provides guidance and assistance to the State and UTs for holding State level conferences and Judicial Colloquiums with a view to sensitizing the concerned officers, including Police officers, Judicial officers and other stakeholders in the States and UTs about Human Trafficking. The Anti Trafficking cell is also responsible for signing bilateral /multilateral MoUs with various countries to address the issue of Human Trafficking and participation in national /international meetings/conferences.


  • ‘Police’ and ‘Public Order’ are State subjects and as such prevention of the crime of trafficking is primarily the responsibility of the State Governments. However, the Central Government supplements the efforts of State Governments by providing them advice and guidelines from time to time. The Government of India has also provided financial assistance to the States for setting up Anti-Human Trafficking Units at District level. A proposal for setting up and strengthening Anti Human Trafficking Units in all districts of States and UTs under ‘Nirbhaya Fund’ has been approved. The Government of India has signed Memorandums of Understanding with Bangladesh, UAE and Cambodia on prevention of Human Trafficking and has also ratified the United Nations Convention on Transnational Organized Crime (UNCTOC) protocol on Prevention, Suppression and Punishment of Trafficking in Persons, particularly Women and Children.

Guidelines / Advisories

Guidelines / Advisories
1Institutional mechanism for preventing and countering human trafficking at State level01 Dec 2020Download (2.43 MB) pdf
2Advisory regarding associating SSB and BSF in Crime meeting taken by the SPs of the District23 Jul 2015Download (432.14 KB) PDF
3Standard Operation Procedure(SOP) to handle trafficking of children for child labour12 Aug 2013Download (3.6 MB) pdf
4Advisory on preventing and combating human trafficking in India - dealing with foreign nationals01 May 2012Download (213.71 KB) pdf
5Advisory on Human Trafficking as organized crime30 Apr 2012Download (26.2 KB) pdf
6Advisory on missing children-measures needed to prevent trafficking and trace the children31 Jan 2012Download (81.74 KB) pdf
7Advisory for preventing crime of human trafficking09 Sep 2009Download (159.06 KB) pdf
8ATC - Bus depots advisory03 Jul 2018Download (1.49 MB) pdf
9ATC - Interstate coord advisory21 Jul 2017Download (1.46 MB) pdf
10ATC - Labour placement advisory21 Jul 2017Download (1.38 MB) pdf
11ATC - Railways personnel advisory21 Jul 2017Download (1.31 MB) pdf
12ATC - WCD Rehab advisory21 Jul 2017Download (1.12 MB) pdf
13Setting up and upgrading new AHTUs guidelines27 Dec 2019Download (2.09 MB) pdf
14Preventing Human Trafficking during covid 1906 Jul 2020Download (2.5 MB) pdf