'Prisons'/'persons detained therein' is a “State-List” subject under Entry 4 of List II of the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India. Administration and management of prisons and prisoners is the responsibility of respective State Governments who are competent to take appropriate action in this regard. However, given the significance of prisons in the Criminal Justice System, the Ministry of Home Affairs has been providing regular guidance and support to the States and UTs on diverse issues relating to prison administration.


1The Prisons Act, 1894Download (61.33 KB) pdf
2The Transfer of Prisoners Act, 1950Download (13.63 KB) pdf
3The Prisoners (Attendance In Courts) Act, 1955Download (229.53 KB) pdf
4The Repatriation of Prisoners Act, 2003Download (71.91 KB) pdf
5The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Act, 2022Download (747.34 KB) pdf


1The Repatriation of Prisoners Rules, 2004Download (34.78 KB) pdf
2The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Rules, 2022Download (980.21 KB) pdf

Model Prison Manual

Model Prison Manual
1Model Prison Manual 2003Download (1.85 MB) pdf
2Model Prison Manual 2016Click Here

Training Manual for Prison Officers

Training Manual for Prison Officers
1Training Manual of Basic Course for Prison Officers 2017Download (1.18 MB) pdf
2Training Manual of Basic Course for Prison Warders 2017Download (889.87 KB) pdf


1Conduct of Aadhaar enrolment/updation camps by UIDAI for prison inmates.17 Nov 2022Download (871.54 KB) pdf
2Transformation@75- Celebrating Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav with jail inmates 23 Jun 2022Download (718.4 KB) pdf
3Grant of Special Remission to Prisoners as part of celebrations of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav - addition of a new Special Remission Module in ePrisons 10 Jun 2022Download (7.3 MB) pdf
4Measures for effective Prison Administration and strengthening security arrangements in prisons, etc. 02 May 2022Download (1021.77 KB) pdf
5Programmes to be organized on 150th Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo 01 Apr 2022Download (3.18 MB) pdf
6Advisory on Treatment and Care of Transgender Persons in Prisons 10 Jan 2022Download (1.7 MB) pdf
7Advisory regarding absconding and escapee prisoners - use of ePrisons to leverage technology 04 Oct 2021Download (2.26 MB) pdf
8Advisory on Dealing with Mental Health issues of prisoners and prison officers 24 Jun 2021Download (6.79 MB) pdf
9Forwarding of the Order issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on 7.5.2021 - ‘Contagion of Covid 19 virus in prisons’ 08 May 2021Download (195.59 KB) pdf
10Advisory on Prevention and Control of Covid-19 in Prisons and Correctional Homes 20 Apr 2021Download (5.18 MB) pdf
11Advisory on Consular Access to Foreign nationals in prisons, custody or detention 21 Sep 2020Download (1.39 MB) pdf
12Advisory on Grant of Parole/Furlough to inmates and their premature release from prison-review of Guidelines 03 Sep 2020Download (1.47 MB) pdf
13Advisory on Management of Covid 19 in Prisons 02 May 2020Download (1.01 MB) pdf
14Advisory on Precautionary measures to contain Covid 19 in Prisons 12 Mar 2020Download (429.96 KB) pdf
15Advisory on bringing attitudinal change in Prison officials – actionable point arising out of Hon’ble Home Minister’s speech 25 Feb 2020Download (1.6 MB) pdf
16Advisory on addressing the issue of Overcrowding in Prisons and providing relief to under trial prisoners 25 Nov 2019Download (1.51 MB) pdf
17Advisory on safety and security of Prisons and prison inmates - Formation of High Security Jail in States 25 Oct 2019Download (2.01 MB) pdf
18Advisory on consular access to foreign nationals in prisons, custody or detention 02 Aug 2019Download (1.1 MB) pdf
19SOP for Under-Trial Review Committees (UTRCs) prepared by NALSA 18 Feb 2019Download (14.65 MB) pdf
20Forwarding of Report titled 'Women in Prisons' prepared by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to States and UTs 02 Nov 2018Download (1.9 MB) pdf
21Forwarding of Report of the National Commission for Women for improving the condition of women inmates in prisons to States and UTs 02 Nov 2018Download (1.39 MB) pdf
22Advisory on Recommendations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Empowerment of Women on ‘Women in Detention and Access to Justice01 Mar 2018Download (15.19 MB) pdf
23Advisory on Resolutions adopted by the 5th National Conference of Heads of Prisons of States/UTs on Prison Reforms 04 May 2017Download (1.71 MB) pdf
24Advisory on Aadhaar Seeding of Prisoners 07 Mar 2017Download (2.44 MB) pdf
25Advisory on use of Aadhaar for Identification of visitors to prisons 17 Feb 2017Download (8 MB) pdf
26Forwarding of the Hon'ble Supreme Court’s direction for installation of CCTV Cameras in all prisons of the country 10 Dec 2015Download (248.4 KB) pdf
27Advisory on shifting high risk prisoners from the jail of one State/UT to the jail of another State/UT 24 Sep 2015Download (834.34 KB) pdf
28Advisory on the Guidelines for allowing visit inside jails by individuals/ NGOs/ Company/Press for the purposes of undertaking research, making documentary or interviewing the inmates, etc.24 Jul 2015Download (1.07 MB) pdf
29Advisory on adoption of measures by the States/UTs for improvement of security of jails 28 Apr 2015Download (1.29 MB) pdf
30Advisory forwarding the Guidelines for reckoning half life spent in judicial custody of UTPs under Section 436 A of Cr.P.C 27 Sep 2014Download (1.49 MB) pdf
31Advisory regarding Access of prisoners to Aadhar/Nation Population Register in Correctional Homes 27 Sep 2014Download (904.21 KB) pdf
32Guidelines for safeguarding the interest of Death Row Convicts in Jails 04 Feb 2014Download (1.63 MB) pdf
33Use of Section 436A of the Cr.P.C to Reduce Overcrowding of Prisons 17 Jan 2013Download (145.76 KB) pdf
34Section 433 A of Cr.P.C and “Restriction on powers of remission or commutation in certain cases 01 Feb 2013Download (191.37 KB) pdf
35Advisory regarding guidelines for educational programme for prison inmates 15 Jun 2011Download (25.05 KB) pdf
36Overcrowding in prisons 09 May 2011Download (42.06 KB) pdf
37Appointment of Non-Official Visitors in Prisons 18 Feb 2011Download (19.17 KB) pdf
38Best Prison Practices 08 Nov 2010Download (62.43 KB) pdf
39Advisory on the policy for the treatment of terminally ill prisoners-inmates (TIPs) 13 Aug 2010Download (18.77 KB) pdf
40Advisory to ban the use of mobile phones in prisons 07 Jun 2010Download (891.98 KB) pdf
41Advisory to curb/eliminate smuggling of drugs into prisons 25 May 2010Download (13.2 KB) pdf
42Advisory on improving the security measures in jails to avoid the incident of jail breaking 16 Oct 2009Download (13.46 KB) pdf
43Comprehensive Advisory on Prison Administration 17 Jul 2009Download (104.41 KB) pdf
44Advisory on transfer of prisoner from one jail to another 16 Jul 2009Download (13.5 KB) pdf
45Advisory on Ban of smoking in prison premises 23 Mar 2009Download (13.04 KB) pdf
46Advisory for detention of mentally ill undertrial prisoners – Guidelines issued by the Supreme Court 13 Dec 2007Download (41.42 KB) pdf
47 Advisory on Sensitization to Prison inmates on HIV/AIDS 29 Nov 2007Download (11.57 KB) pdf
48Advisory on Tightening of security measures in jails 14 Aug 2006Download (15.48 KB) pdf
49Advisory on Facilities to the children of women prisoners – Guidelines issued by the Supreme Court 15 May 2006Download (93.75 KB) pdf
50Advisory on strengthening of security arrangements in Jails 21 Sep 1998Download (16.62 KB) pdf


1The United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (the Nelson Mandela Rules)20 Oct 2022Download (372.19 KB) pdf
2Modernisation of Prisons Project - Implementation of CNA guidelines and designation of Implementing Agency by States/UTs18 Oct 2022Download (336.95 KB) pdf
3Guidelines for Implementation of the Modernisation of Prisons Project in Prisons of all States and UTs 05 Apr 2022Download (2.85 MB) pdf
4Technical Guidelines For Implementation of ePrisons project 15 Jun 2018Download (551.76 KB) pdf
5Guidelines for implementation of ePrisons Project 26 Mar 2018Download (1.34 MB) PDF
6NHRC monograph titled Suicide in Prison - Prevention strategy and implication from human rights and legal points of view 201410 Dec 2014Download (4.56 MB) pdf
7International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Guidelines on investigating deaths in custody01 Oct 2013Download (503.77 KB) pdf
8NHRC selected letters and guidelines on deaths in custody 14 Dec 1993Download (202.49 KB) pdf


AWARD OF CORRECTIONAL SERVICE MEDAL FOR GALLANTRY AND DISTINGUISHED/MERITORIOUS SERVICES. The All India Committee on Jail Reforms (1980-83) had recommended that Government of India should institute medals for rewarding prison personnel and the State Governments/UT Administrations should suitably recognize special services rendered by the prison personnel. The aforesaid recommendations were further supported by a Group of Officers headed by Shri R.K. Kapoor (1986). The Group of Officers was constituted to examine and review various aspects of administration and management of prisons, especially in the context of security and discipline in prisons and suggest measures for their improvement. Based on these recommendations, the following medals have been instituted for award to the prison personnel every year on the occasions of the Republic Day and Independence Day:p Gallantry Medal President’s Correctional Service Medal for Gallantry (PCSMG) Correctional Service Medal for Gallantry (CSMG) Service Medal President’s Correctional service Medal for Distinguished Service (PCSMDS) Correctional Service Medal for Meritorious Service (CSMMS) A maximum of 25 President’s Correctional Service Medal for Distinguished Service and 75 Correctional Service Medal for Meritorious Service can be awarded in a year. There is no limit to the number of medals that can be awarded for gallantry in a year. The President’s Correctional Service Medal for Distinguished Service/gallantry and the Correctional Service Medal for Meritorious Service/gallantry are awarded: for a specially distinguished record in correctional service. for success in organizing correctional service or maintaining the administration in special difficulties like mass admission of prisoners. For outstanding ability in putting out riots, preventing escape of prisoners, rescuing the officials, sportsmanship, public work and exemplary service marked by efficiency, devotion to duty, integrity, loyalty, high sense of discipline and spirit of sacrifice. The President’s Correctional Service Medal for Gallantry and the Correctional service Medal for Gallantry are awarded for conspicuous/exceptional gallantry in apprehending a prisoner or in preventing their escape, the risk incurred being estimated with regard to the obligations and the duties of the officer concerned and for the outstanding work done in the preceding year.

1President's Notification regarding Statute and Rules relating to Correctional Service Medals.Download (557.4 KB) pdf
2Guidelines for Correctional Service Medals.Download (139.51 KB) pdf
3Monetary enhancement for Gallantry for prison personnel Download (704.88 KB) pdf
4Details of number of Medals awarded till August 15, 2022Download (56.17 KB) pdf
5Names and details of prison personnel awarded with Correctional Service Medals from Republic Day, 2000 to Independence Day, 2022Download (4.1 MB) pdf


Report of All India Committee on Jail Reforms (Mulla Committee) Volume I

Report of All India Committee on Jail Reforms (Mulla Committee) Volume I
1Part IDownload (4.99 MB) pdf
2Part IIDownload (4.96 MB) pdf
3Part IIIDownload (5.73 MB) pdf
4Part IVDownload (4.98 MB) pdf
5Part VDownload (6.47 MB) pdf
6Part VIDownload (6.05 MB) pdf
7Part VIIDownload (7.34 MB) pdf
8Part VIIIDownload (7.83 MB) pdf
9Implementation of Mulla Committee Report on Jail Reforms-Volume IDownload (967.96 KB) pdf

Report of All India Committee on Jail Reforms (Mulla Committee) Volume II

Report of All India Committee on Jail Reforms (Mulla Committee) Volume II
1Part IDownload (4.65 MB) pdf
2Part IIDownload (4.28 MB) pdf
3Part IIIDownload (4.44 MB) pdf
4Part IVDownload (5.46 MB) pdf
5Part VDownload (4.12 MB) pdf
6Part VIDownload (2.23 MB) pdf
7Part VII Download (6.01 MB) pdf
8Implementation of Mulla Committee Report on Jail Reforms-Volume IIDownload (6.56 MB) pdf