Advisories on Prison Reforms


S.No Subject of Advisory Date
1 Strengthening of Security arrangements in Jails pdf File 21Sep1998
2 Facilities to the children of women prisoners – Guidelines issued by the Supreme Court pdf File 15May2006
3 Tightening of security measures in jails pdf File 14Aug2006
4 Sensitization to Prison inmates on HIV/AIDS pdf File 29Nov2007
5 Detention of mentally ill undertrial prisoners – Guidelines issued by the Supreme Court pdf File 13Dec2007
6 Ban of smoking etc. in prison premises pdf File 23March2009
7 Transfer of prisoner from one jail to another pdf File 16July2009
8 Comprehensive Advisory on Prison Administration pdf File 17July2009
9 Improving of security measures in jails to avoid the incident of jail breaking pdf File 16Oct2009
10 Smuggling of drugs into prisons pdf File 25May2010
11 Use of mobile phones in prisons pdf File 07June2010
12 Advisory on the policy for the treatment of terminally ill prisoners-inmates (TIPs) pdf File 13Aug2010
13 Best Prison Practicespdf File 08Nov2010
14 Appointment of Non-Official Visitors in Prisons pdf File 18Feb2011
15 Overcrowding in prisons pdf File 09May2011
16 Advisory regarding guidelines for educational programme for prison inmates pdf File 15June2011
18 Use of Section 436A of the Cr.P.C to Reduce Overcrowding of Prisons pdf File 17Jan2013
17 Section 433 A of Cr.P.C and “Restriction on powers of remission or commutation in certain cases pdf File 01Feb2013
19 Guidelines for safeguarding the interest of the Death Row Convicts pdf File 04Feb2014
20 Guidelines for reckoning half life spent in judicial custody of UTPs under Section 436 A of Cr.P.C pdf File 27Sep2014
21 Access of prisoners to Aadhar/NPR in Correctional Homes pdf File 27Sep2015
22 Advisory on adoption of measures by the States/UTs for improvement of security of jails .pdf File 28April2015
23 Guidelines for allowing visit inside jails by individuals/ NGOs/ Company/Press for the purposes of undertaking research, making documentary or interviewing the inmates, etc. pdf File 24July2015
24 Repatriation of prisoners from India to a foreign country or vice versa under the Repatriation of Prisoners Act,2003 - Issue of guidelines -regarding .)pdf File 10Aug2015
25 Security advisory for shifting of high risk prisoners from the jail of one State/UT to the jail of another State/UT)pdf File 24Sep2015
26 Hon'ble Supreme Court direction for installation of CCTV Cameras in all prisons of the country - reg)pdf File 10Dec2015
27 Identification of visitors-use of Aadhaar)pdf File 17Feb2017
28 Aadhaar Seeding of Prisoners)pdf File 7 March 2017
29 Resolutions adopted by 5th National Conference of Heads of Prisons of States/UTs on Prison Reforms )pdf File 7 March 2017