Border Management-II Division

The Division deals with matters relating to coordination and concerted action by administrative, diplomatic, security, intelligence, legal, regulatory and economic agencies of the country for the management of international border, border area development programme (BADP), coastal security, and establishment of Integrated Check Posts through of the Land Ports Authority of India In addition the Division also handles matters related to Contemporary China Studies and perception management.

Organizational Chart of BM-II

1Organizational Chart of BM-IIDownload (28.74 KB) pdf

Details of officials of BM-II Division

1Details of officials of BM-II DivisionDownload (57.4 KB) pdf

BADP Online Management System

1BADP Online Management SystemClick Here

Work Allocation

1Work AllocationDownload (134.68 KB) pdf


1Important developments, initiatives taken, new Schemes launchedDownload (123.26 KB) pdf

Mandate of Border Management Division

1Mandate of Border Management-II DivisionDownload (108.37 KB) pdf
2Brief on Land Ports Authority of India and Integrated Check PostsClick Here
3Border Area Development Programme (BADP)Download (106.2 KB) pdf
4Coastal Security SchemeDownload (401 KB) pdf

Acts / Rules / Notifications / Orders / Policy Guidelines

1New Guidelines of Border Area Development Programme (BADP), 2020-regarding.Download (168.38 KB) PDF
2Amendments in Border Area Development Programme (BADP) Guidelines, 202Download (1.4 MB) pdf