CS Division - Advisories

Violence and Lynching by Mob

1Incidents of violence and lynching by mob-regarding.Download (286.22 KB) pdf

Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes

SR-NoTitleDownload/LinkDate of Issue
1The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities)Amedment Act,2015Download (1.37 MB) pdf23 May 2016
2Advisory on Crime against Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes – Measures needed to curbDownload (32.51 KB) pdf01 Apr 2010
3Advisory on implementation of PCR ActClick Here03 Feb 2005


SR-NoTitleDownload/LinkDate of Issue
1Hon'ble Supreme Court direction for installation of CCTV Cameras in all prisons of the country - regDownload (188.47 KB) pdf10 Dec 2015
2Repatriation of prisoners from India to a foreign country or vice versa under the Repatriation of Prisoners Act,2003 - Issue of guidelines -regarding .Download (2.98 MB) pdf10 Aug 2015
3Advisory on adoption of measures by the States/UTs for improvement of security of jails .Download (1.35 MB) pdf19 Apr 2015
4Advisory on safeguarding rights of the Death Row convictsDownload (1.54 MB) pdf04 Feb 2014
5Section 433 A of Cr.P.C and “Restriction on powers of remission or commutation in certain cases Download (191.37 KB) pdf01 Feb 2013
6Use of Section 436A of the Cr.P.C to Reduce Overcrowding of Prisons Download (145.76 KB) pdf17 Jan 2013
7Advisory on the policy for the treatment of terminally ill prisoners-inmates (TIPs)Download (18.77 KB) pdf13 Aug 2010
8Advisories on Prison Administration Download (377.46 KB) pdf21 Sep 1998
9Implementation of Eprisons project in Prisons of all States & UTs.Download (9.05 MB) pdf26 Mar 2018
10Recommendations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Empowerment of Women on 'Women in Detention and Access to Justice'.01 Mar 2018

General Crime-Prevention Registration Investigation and Prosecution of Crime

SR-NoTitleDownload/LinkDate of Issue
1Witness Protection Scheme, 2018Download (2.97 MB) pdf14 Jan 2019
2Extending Cooperation to the staff of National Sample Survey Office (NSSO)Download (252.05 KB) pdf15 Mar 2019
3The Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes (production, manufacture, import, export, transport, sale distribution, storage and advertisement) Ordinance, 2019 - regarding. Download (1.49 MB) pdf07 Oct 2019
4Unlawful network of spurious liquor (Hooch) manufacturers and distributors - regarding.Download (136.67 KB) pdf11 Nov 2019
5Advisory on safety of Journalists- Regarding.Download (1.52 MB) pdf20 Oct 2017
6Actionable, Points on recommendations of the DsGP/IsGP Conference- 2016 held on 25-27 Nov 2016 at NPA Hyderabad,Separation of law & order duty from investigation- Regarding(2.89 MB)pdf File HindiDownload (2.89 MB) pdf23 May 2017
7Advisory on compulsory registration of FIR for cognizable offence, irrespective of territorial jurisdiction and making available copy of FIRDownload (593.79 KB) pdf03 Oct 2016
8Advisory on intelligence gatheringDownload (637.48 KB) pdf03 Oct 2016
9Advisory on untoward incidents in the country on cattle in the disturbance of law and order by miscreants in the name of protection of Cow.Download (668.97 KB) pdf09 Aug 2016
10Advisory on no discrimination in compulsory registration of FIRs .Download (905.14 KB) pdf12 Oct 2015
11Advisory on Fast Tracking of Criminal Trials Against sitting MLAs & MPs.Download (543.81 KB) pdf24 Jun 2014
12Advisory on Compulsory Registration of FIR u/s 154 Cr. P.C. when the information makes out a cognizable offence.Download (64.06 KB) pdf05 Feb 2014
13Advisory on Protection of Life and Property of Senior CitizensDownload (103.99 KB) pdf30 Aug 2013
14Advisory to provide adequate security of RTI Activists­ RegardingDownload (772.37 KB) PDF14 Jun 2013
15Advisory on Registration of FIR irrespective of territorial jurisdiction and Zero FIR.Download (52.61 KB) pdf10 May 2013
16Advisory on Arrest of an accused outside the State/UT JurisdictionDownload (536.29 KB) pdf16 May 2012
17Advisory on Prevention, Registration, Investigation and Prosecution of CrimeDownload (56.01 KB) pdf16 Jul 2010
18Advisory on Media Policy of PoliceDownload (24.1 KB) pdf01 Apr 2010
19Ensuring quality of investigation of crimeDownload (2.23 MB) pdf24 Mar 2014
20Action Against quacks and so-called ojhas etc.Download (42.35 KB) pdf17 Apr 2007
21Advisory in Police verification of Passports of Haj Pilgrims.Download (73.59 KB) pdf29 Mar 2012
22Reference of Shri R.K. Gulati, National Security, All Indian Transporters Welfare Assosiation regarding Vehicle-hijacking incidence-regarding.Download (71.32 KB) pdf08 Mar 2013
23Advisory on Police verification of Passports of Haj Pilgrims.Download (34.18 KB) pdf03 Mar 2014
24Advisory Providing Security to the cash vans Transferring currency from one chest to another chest operated by them within the state or at inter-State level until further instruction.Download (46.9 KB) pdf12 Jan 2017
25Visit of State Chief Ministers Ministers to other States UTs-Regarding.Download (56.06 KB) pdf13 Jun 2017
26Directions of Hon'ble High Court of Delhi to Railway with regard to implementation of revised Detailed Accident Report (DAR) Procedure all over Country-Regarding.Download (49.54 KB) pdf19 Sep 2017
27Patrolling on foot by State Police Presennel and better utilization of educated contables.Download (136.77 KB) pdf02 Apr 2018
28Funding of NGOs and Organizations which are involved in anti-national activities.Download (40.01 KB) pdf02 Apr 2018
29Providing adequate police assistance to the authorized officers of Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) Regarding.Download (64.09 KB) pdf20 Jun 2018
30Registration and investigation of complaints of criminal offences such as theft robbery etc loged by Railway passengers-regarding.Download (71.75 KB) pdf20 Jul 2018

Road Safety

SR-NoTitleDownload/LinkDate of Issue
1Advisory to States/UTs for adequate arrangement on National Highway Tolls for smooth passage of Highway users. Download (565.2 KB) pdf05 Dec 2016
2Advisory on Road Safety and Accidents-Regarding.Download (699.71 KB) PDF18 Dec 2015
3Advisory on strict implementation ofAmended Rule 93(8) of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 -Regarding. Download (625.54 KB) pdf09 Jan 2015

National Advisory

SR-NoTitleDownload/LinkDate of Issue
1Incentives to NCC Certificate holders in recruitment to the State Police ForcesDownload (182.58 KB) pdf09 Apr 2021
2Advisory on incentives to NCC Certificate holders in recruitment to the State Police ForcesDownload (208.11 KB) pdf16 Mar 2021
3Advisory on Safety of Journalists dated 20.10.2017- File No 24013/55/Misc./2015-CSR.III dated 20th Oct 201720 Oct 2017
4Increasing enrolment under the Social Security Schemes Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Boma Yojana(PMSBY) and Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana(PMJJBY)10 Jan 2018