Internal Security-I Division

Internal Security -I Division deals with matters relating to internal security, Law & Order, national integration, Punjab matters, arms & explosives, security clearances of projects and proposals, Official Secrets Act, 1923, Security of persons and vital installations, Rashtriya Raksha University, Administrative & Financial matters of Intelligence Bureau, Bureau of Police Research & Development and National Foundation for Communal Harmony.

Allocation of Work

SR-No Title Download/Link
1 Allocation of work of Internal Security-I Download (362 KB) pdf


1ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTDownload (261.63 KB) pdf


1National Integration CouncilDownload (32.33 KB) pdf
2National Foundation for Communal HarmonyClick Here
3Intelligence Bureau
4Bureau of Police Research & DevelopmentClick Here
5Rashtriya Raksha UniversityClick Here


1The Explosive Substances Act 1908Download (12.88 KB) pdf
2The Official Secrets Act 1923Download (334.51 KB) pdf
3The Sikh Gurudwaras Act 1925Download (480.65 KB) pdf
4The Sikh Gurdwaras Amendment Act, 2016Download (24.12 KB) PDF
5The Arms Act 1959Download (340.39 KB) pdf
6The Arms (Amendment) Act 2019Download (694.24 KB) pdf
7The Special Protection Group Act, 1988Download (316.64 KB) pdf
8The Special Protection Group (Amendment) Act, 2019Download (685.45 KB) pdf
10The Place of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991Download (2.32 MB) pdf
11The Rashtriya Raksha University Act, 2020Download (329.66 KB) pdf


1THE ARMS RULES, 1962Download (1.48 MB) pdf
2Arms Rule 2016 (Amendments in Arms Rules,1962)Download (2.27 MB) pdf
3Arms (Amendment) Rules, 2020Download (1.35 MB) pdf
4Chief Commissioner Gurdwara Election Appointment Rules 2014Download (57.69 KB) PDF
5Rashtriya Raksha University Rules, 2020Download (1.71 MB) pdf
6The Sikh Gurdwaras Board Election Rules, 1959Download (664.88 KB) PDF
7Sikh Gurdwaras Board Election (Amedment) Rules, 2017Download (1.54 MB) pdf


1MHA Order Dated 8.4.2011 for Revocation of Armed Licences in NagalandDownload (63.3 KB) pdf
2Notification dated 4.8.2014 for Exemption to Certain Class of Persons under the Arms Act 1959Download (144.45 KB) pdf
3Notification dated 18.07.2016 Regarding Arms Act, 1959Download (106.28 KB) pdf
4Notification dated 19.05.2017 by Department of Industrial Policy and PromotionDownload (117.91 KB) PDF
5Notification dated 27.10.2017 regarding Powers conferred by section 44 of the Arms Act 1959Download (1.87 MB) PDF
6Notification dated 28.11.2017 on Arms Licence (NDAL)Download (1.53 MB) pdf
7Notification dated 10.07.2019 declaring Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) as unlawful associationDownload (537.41 KB) pdf
8Notification dated 22.7.2019 regarding delegation of powers to State Governments (Sikhs for justice)Download (281.08 KB) pdf
9Notification dated 07.08.2019 regarding constitution of Tribunal for SFJDownload (267.09 KB) pdf
10Notification dated 3.1.2020 regarding Powers conferred by section 44 of the Arms Act 1959Download (255.42 KB) pdf
11Notification dated 08.01.2020 containing order of Honble Tribunal regarding confirmation of Government of India decision of declaring SFJ as an unlawful associationDownload (608.17 KB) pdf
12Notification dated 1.10.2020 regarding Appointment of Vice Chancellor for RRUDownload (96.56 KB) pdf
13Notification dated 04.12.2020 regarding appointment of members of Governing Body for RRUDownload (170.94 KB) pdf
14Compendium of notifications issued regarding Amendments in Arms Rules, 1962Download (944.93 KB) pdf
15Compendium of notifications issued regarding delegation of Powers and Functions under Arms ActDownload (297.01 KB) pdf
16Compendium of notifications issued regarding Exemptions, Exclusions and Withdrawals under Arms Acts and RulesDownload (387.14 KB) pdf
17Compendium of notifications issued regarding General and Miscellaneous on Arms Acts and RulesDownload (145.76 KB) pdf
18Compilation of notifications issued for delegation of Powers to State and UT Government for notifying Prohibited Place under Section 8 of the Official Secrets Act 1923Click Here
19Notice dated 24.10.2020 regarding constitution of high level committee to commemorate 400th Birth Anniversary of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur JiDownload (1.17 MB) pdf
20Notification dated 09.01.2020 regarding appointment of Mr. Justice (Retd) S. S. Saron as Chief Commissioner Gurdwara ElectionsDownload (934.72 KB) pdf
21Notification dated 30.6.2021 regarding appointment of AS FA(Home) on Governing Body for RRUDownload (512.78 KB) pdf
22Publication of notification dated 18.01.2022 in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary regarding Arms (Amendment) Rules, 2022Download (109.64 KB) PDF


1Advisory for restraining misuse of firearms for celebratory purpose dated 17.01.2019Download (1.32 MB) pdf
2Grant of Arms Licences for acquisition possession of arms MHA advisory Dated 6.4.2010 and amendments dated 7 10.1.2011Download (207.89 KB) pdf
3Clarification regarding rules10 and 39 of the Arms Rules 2016 17.01.2018Download (579.41 KB) pdf



1Kabir Puraskar Scheme.Download (101.08 KB) pdf
2Kabir Puraskar Awardees.Download (170.37 KB) pdf


1Communal Harmony Awards and Awardees.Download (168.39 KB) pdf

Languages in the Eighth Schedule.

1Languages in the Eighth Schedule.Download (58.04 KB) pdf


1Status Report filed in Hon'ble Supreme Court of India by Government on measures taken in respect of COVID-19Download (58.04 KB) pdf
2Annexure to Status Report filed in Hon'ble Supreme Court of India by Government on COVID-19Download (7.55 MB) pdf
3Guidelines on Communal HarmonyDownload (650.2 KB) pdf
4Security clearance proforma for small arms sector.Download (74.88 KB) pdf
5Check list of documents to be furnished by a company applying for a new licence issued by MHA for manufacture/proof test/manufacture and proof test of small arms and ammunition up to 12.7mm Caliber as defined under Rule 2(51) of the Arms Rules 2016Download (31.73 KB) pdf
6Clarification regarding Rule 19 of the Arms Rules 2016 regarding the extension of area validity of arms licenceDownload (23.4 KB) PDF
7Withdrawal of all notification circulars advisories with regard to licence for manufacturing of arms ammunitionsDownload (7.18 KB) PDF
8Arms Rules, 2016-details of extension of area validity of licence regarding.Download (8.79 KB) PDF
9Direction to the applicants to apply afresh in context with their pending applications for PB/ NPB arms licences transfer on heirloom basis/all India validity etc. of arms licences under the Arms Rules 2016Download (329.8 KB) PDF
10FAQs related to ARMS RULE 2016 and NDAL-ALIS.Download (476.73 KB) pdf
11Implementation of NDAL and generation of UIN.Download (38.83 KB) PDF
12Note on Kartarpur Sahib CorridorDownload (579.19 KB) pdf