Qualitative requirements specification clothings Equipment-LIST

Qualitative requirements specification clothings Equipment-LIST
1Light Weight Sleeping bag (improved) for CAPFsDownload (3.37 MB) pdf
2T-Shirt White Half Sleeves Round-Full Neck for Min StaffDownload (3.77 MB) pdf
3T-Shirt Half Sleeves Round Neck Disruptive PatternDownload (1.47 MB) pdf
4Full Sleeves CoBRA Pattern T-ShirtDownload (1.9 MB) pdf
5AnkletDownload (1.37 MB) pdf
6Steel trunkDownload (1.08 MB) pdf
7Peak Cap for SOsDownload (837.98 KB) pdf
8High Ankle Tactical Boots with PU — Rubber SoleDownload (384.55 KB) pdf
9Mug Double WallDownload (2.24 MB) pdf
10Bag water proofDownload (2.56 MB) pdf
11Cap Balcalava OGDownload (2.29 MB) pdf
12Gaiters GlacierDownload (189.4 KB) pdf
13Gloves leather white line (Two layered)Download (3.56 MB) pdf
14rucksack 90 ltrsDownload (4.47 MB) pdf
15Snow Shoes TrugerDownload (2.92 MB) pdf
16Cap F.S. Disruptive Pattern GaberdineDownload (160.55 KB) pdf
17MT TarpaulinDownload (1.41 MB) pdf
18QRs/Specification of pouches for Ammunition and Grenades Made of Disruptive Pattern Nylon 66Download (1.42 MB) pdf
19Tactical 3 Points Sling UniversalDownload (806.54 KB) pdf
20Full Body Protector for FemaleDownload (2.74 MB) pdf
21Full Body Protector for MaleDownload (2.17 MB) pdf
22Hot water rubber bottleDownload (1.65 MB) pdf
23Bag Sleeping Lt Weight Cat No. NIV (ECC)Download (2.91 MB) pdf
24Coat ECCDownload (4.44 MB) pdf
25Trouser ECCDownload (1.75 MB) pdf
26MOH & FW QRs/ Specification of Mosquito Net LLINsDownload (62.9 KB) pdf
27Sling InsasDownload (484.6 KB) pdf
28Sling AKM/AK-47 and Carbine SlingDownload (2.16 MB) pdf
29SS Compartmental Tray (Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils)Download (238.6 KB) pdf
30Common Proofed Canvas/Duck and Paulins(Tarpaulins)Download (2.57 MB) pdf
31Waist Belt Nylon with Buckle and rings for facilitating slithering/rappellingDownload (589.24 KB) pdf
32Nylon Life Jacket with expandable Polyethylene Foam, Buckle and Whistle PlasticDownload (2.29 MB) pdf
33Balaclava with convertible properties(CoBRA LWE)Download (487.76 KB) pdf
34Jungle Floppy HatDownload (727.58 KB) pdf
35Ground Sheet MK-XIIDownload (505.81 KB) pdf
36Cloth Polyester and Cotton(20:80) Disruptive (Jungle Pattern without Army LOGO) 250 GSMDownload (241.52 KB) pdf
37P.F. Huts with PUF PanelDownload (3.27 MB) pdf
38Coat Combat Except Army LogoDownload (603.78 KB) pdf
39Ruck Sack (30 Ltrs Capacity)Download (60.96 KB) pdf
40Jungle Shoes for PU SoleDownload (136.11 KB) pdf
41Light weight ground sheetDownload (386.83 KB) pdf
42Cardigan(Open Front) for CAPFDownload (290.57 KB) pdf
43Revised QRs/Specification Blanket for CAPFsDownload (992.81 KB) pdf
44Jersey Woolen 'V' Neck Dyed Download (282.97 KB) pdf
45Vest Full Sleeve Download (119.99 KB) pdf
46Boot High Ankle DVS(Improved Version) Download (782.58 KB) pdf
47Tactical Vest Download (81.39 KB) pdf
48Fabric for Flame Resistant Overall Download (21.82 KB) pdf
49Tactical Gloves Download (27.35 KB) pdf
50Non skid Tactical Shoe/Combat Shoe Download (94.83 KB) pdf
51Resuscitation Kit with Anti Shock Trouser Download (51.7 KB) pdf
52Anti - Mosquito Veil for CoBRA Bns Download (799.86 KB) pdf
53Compact Light Weight Blanket with good insulating properties for CoBRA BnsDownload (735.15 KB) pdf
54Dope Dyed Polyster Viscose Uniform ClothDownload (735.15 KB) pdf
55 Fire Resistant OverallDownload (86.74 KB) pdf
56 Gas Mask Download (131.55 KB) pdf
57Ghilli Suit Download (179.4 KB) pdf
58Knee and Elbow Pads Download (58.47 KB) pdf
59Non Skid Tactical Show / Combat Shoe Download (340.09 KB) pdf
60Organic Socks for CoBRA Bns Download (1.42 MB) pdf
61RucksackDownload (45.98 KB) pdf
62 Special Operation Rope & Carry Bags for CoBRA Bns. Download (706.43 KB) pdf
63Tactical Gloves Download (185.8 KB) pdf
64Revised QRs/Specifications of Water Proof Multi Purpose Rain Poncho Convertibility as BivouacDownload (3.91 MB) pdf
65QRs/Specifications of Durable Combat Ruck Sack (40ltr) for CoBRA BattalionDownload (234.89 KB) pdf
66QRs/Specification of name tab for loose fitting combat dressDownload (141.78 KB) pdf
67Trial Directive of Knee and Elbow Pad.Download (58.55 KB) pdf
68QRs of Wool Cotton Drawer White .Download (286.54 KB) PDF
69QRs/Specification of Track Suit with detachable hood for all CAPFs .Download (856.79 KB) PDF
70 Revised QRs/Specifications of Light Weight Running Shoes (Brown & White)Download (57.95 KB) PDF
71Revised QRs/Specifications of Light Weight Running Shoes (Brown & White)-AmendmentDownload (12.68 KB) PDF
72QRs of Cloth (NYCO) Disruptive Pattern for CoBRADownload (2.72 MB) PDF
73QRs of Skiing,Rafting & Still Water Equipment-regDownload (622.05 KB) PDF
74QRs/ Specification of Boot Ankle Textile (Jungle Boot) , Direct Injected (PU Sole) Download (253.52 KB) pdf
75QRs/Specification of cloth for RAF Dangree Download (514.82 KB) PDF
76QRs/Specification of cloth for RAF Dangree Download (65.74 KB) PDF
77QRs/Specifications of Anti Riot Shoe for RAF personnel Download (127.32 KB) PDF
78QRs/Specification of Cloth Disruptive Pattern Uniform for VIP SecurityDownload (481.11 KB) PDF
79TDs of boot Ankle Textile( Jungle Boot), Direct Injected (PU Sole)Download (622.05 KB) PDF
80Revised QRs/Specification of Beret CapDownload (242.12 KB) PDF
81QR/Specification of Tectical Pistol HolsterDownload (1.19 MB) PDF
82Revised QRs & Trial Directives of Ruck Sack (70-85 Ltrs) for all CAPFsDownload (135.16 KB) PDF
83Revised QRs/Specification of Leather BeltDownload (1.59 MB) PDF
84Revised QRs and Trial Directives of Super Cop Belt with Basic Pouches and Accessories.Download (360.78 KB) PDF
85QRs/Specification of Water BottleDownload (17.62 MB) PDF
86QRs/and Trial Directive of Desert BootDownload (1.03 MB) pdf
87Revised QRs/Specification of Mosquito NetsDownload (279.14 KB) pdf
88Technical Specification of Beret Cap Black colourDownload (21.04 KB) PDF
89Amendment in the existing QRs/Specification of Tactical Boot (PU Sole) Black and BrownDownload (11.41 KB) PDF
90QRs of Boot BrushDownload (50.66 KB) PDF
91QRs of Hydration Pack or MacheteDownload (251.11 KB) pdf
92QRs/Specification of Organic Socks colour khakiDownload (3.04 MB) pdf
93QRs of Bed Mattress, Pillow Cover & Bed SheetDownload (151.86 KB) pdf
94QRs of Compact Weight Stainless Steel Multi Utility ToolDownload (144.52 KB) pdf