Qualitative requirements specification Communication Equipment Equipment-LIST

Qualitative requirements specification Communication Equipment Equipment-LIST
1QRs and Trial Directive(Jan2019-Dec2019)Click Here
2QRs and Trial Directive(Jan2018-Dec2018)Click Here
3QRs and Trial Directive(Jan2017-Dec2017)Click Here
4QRs and Trial Directive(Jan2016-Dec2016)Click Here
5QRs and Trial Directive(Jan2015-Dec2015)Click Here
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1QRs and TDs of Microwave Radio Link30 Jan 2019Download (1.5 MB) pdf
2QRs and TDs of IP Phone25 Apr 2019Download (354.36 KB) pdf
3QRs and TDs of Carrier Quad Cable03 Jun 2019Download (532.65 KB) pdf
4QRs and TDs of static HF Transceiver12 Sep 2019Download (446.55 KB) pdf
5QRs and TDs of HF Manpack Transceiver12 Sep 2019Download (380.17 KB) pdf
6QRs and TDs of Smart Plus Equipment23 Jul 2019Download (435.16 KB) pdf
7QRs and TDs of Digital Monitoring Receiver18 Jan 2019Download (714.18 KB) pdf
8Revised QRs and TDs of Mini UAV16 Nov 2019Download (711.55 KB) pdf
9QRs and TDs of NANO UAV01 May 2019Download (1 MB) pdf
10QRs and TDs of Pneumatic Telescopic Mast19 Jan 2019Download (339.66 KB) pdf
11QRs and TDs of ADRIN (SSB Specific)06 Dec 2019Download (1.51 MB) pdf
12QRs and TDs of I-CAS (SSB Specific)22 Mar 2019Download (1.47 MB) pdf
13QRs and TDs of Server for GABP (BSF Specific)29 May 2019Download (374.9 KB) pdf
14QRs and TDs of Rover Vehicle (NSG Specific)31 Jul 2019Download (487.44 KB) pdf
15QRs and TDs of Integration of Communication & Surveillance Equipment (NSG Specific)31 Jul 2019Download (337.71 KB) pdf
16QRs and TDs of XBIS01 May 2019Download (2.6 MB) pdf
171 KW HF SSB Tx-Rx Radio Set19 Mar 2013Download (1.77 MB) pdf
1815WJF Transceiver31 Mar 2006Download (935.54 KB) pdf
19Broad Band Satellite Terminal15 Jun 2006Download (2.42 MB) pdf
20Broad Band Wireless solution for upgrations of voice and data communication with BOPs03 Apr 2006Download (20.9 KB) pdf
21High Power communication Jammer for ECM function VHF UHF Band01 Jun 2004Download (1.36 MB) pdf
22Manpack HF Transceiver31 Mar 2006Download (868.41 KB) pdf
23Modulation Meter03 Apr 2006Download (868.41 KB) pdf
24Networking NSG15 Jun 2006Download (15.81 MB) pdf
25Radio Communication Test Set31 Mar 2006Download (982.62 KB) pdf
26Satellite phone27 Apr 2004Download (915.25 KB) pdf
27Sweep Barrack Jammer01 Jun 2004Download (937.33 KB) pdf
28Synthesised Signal Generator03 Jun 2006Download (940.82 KB) pdf
29UHF Hand Held Radio Set 27 Apr 2004Download (1.63 MB) pdf
30UHF Hand Held Set (Digital)28 Jun 2006Download (1.07 MB) pdf
31UHF Mobile Static Repeater Radio Set27 Apr 2004Download (1.78 MB) pdf
32UHF Repeater 100 Watt 28 Jun 2006Download (1.81 MB) pdf
33Wide Band Video UHF Link27 Mar 2006Download (3.03 MB) pdf
34 PC Band Data and Telegraph Decoder 03 Jun 2006Download (55.2 KB) pdf
35Board Band Wireless Solution03 Apr 2006Download (20.9 KB) pdf
36 Repeater for Video Bug 15 May 2006Download (35.23 KB) pdf
37Repeater for Digital Audio Miniature Bugs 15 Nov 2006Download (43.94 KB) pdf
38Intigration of Voice and Data Communication over Wide area Network15 Nov 2006Download (671.96 KB) pdf
39Digital Radio Trunking System Tera Open Channels Standard18 Jul 2006Download (286.28 KB) pdf
40 Wideband Surveillance Receiver(HF Analog)06 Apr 2006Download (48.74 KB) pdf
41Portable Jammer for Bomb Disposal 01 Jun 2004Download (56.04 KB) pdf
42VHF/UHF Portable Monitoring Receiver 30 Mar 2010Download (74.59 KB) pdf
43Cellular Jammer24 Sep 2008Download (300.11 KB) pdf
44Digital HF Trans Receiver -100Watt Static04 Jun 2009Download (58.49 KB) pdf
45 Digital UHF 25W Repeater11 Sep 2009Download (354.15 KB) pdf
46Digital UHF Mobile Transceiver11 Sep 2009Download (448.6 KB) pdf
47 Digital UHF Transceiver Hand Held Transceiver11 Sep 2009Download (455.48 KB) pdf
48High Defination Video Confrencing System31 Mar 2011Download (230.61 KB) pdf
49I.P Encryptor for NSG09 Feb 2010Download (119.91 KB) pdf
50Integrated Communcation System for Radio -Line Interoperability.10 Jul 2009Download (116.52 KB) pdf
51 Man Portable Jammer24 Sep 2008Download (327.83 KB) pdf
52Networking System16 Jul 2009Download (1.26 MB) pdf
53Satellite Terminal16 Aug 2005Download (473.85 KB) pdf
54Tactical Line Excange15 Jul 2010Download (224.06 KB) pdf
55 UHF Light Weight Repeater Digital(25W)28 Jun 2006Download (152.98 KB) pdf
56UHF Mobile Radio Set Digital28 Jun 2006Download (147.06 KB) pdf
57 UHF Violet Desktop05 Oct 2009Download (136.18 KB) pdf
58 Vehicle Mounted Mobile Jammer24 Sep 2008Download (270.68 KB) pdf
59VHF/UHF Poratble Monitoring Receiver03 Mar 2010Download (312.63 KB) pdf
60Wide Band Surveillance Receiver14 Mar 2011Download (262.08 KB) pdf
61Hardware/Software of WAN (33 items)29 Nov 2012Download (6.68 MB) pdf
62Hand Held Satellite Phone21 Nov 2012Download (287.56 KB) pdf
63QRs TDs of Triangular Latticed Aerial Mast (G.I)21 Nov 2014Download (492.99 KB) pdf
64QRs & TD of Intelligent Battery Charger to Charge Battery of Radio Set used in Mobile Role25 Nov 2014Download (368.84 KB) pdf
65QRs & TD of Hand Held BIT Error Rate Instrument with Datacom & Ethernet Testing Facility25 Nov 2014Download (457.92 KB) pdf
66QRs & TD of IC/Software based temperature controlled soldering/de-soldering with accessories01 Dec 2014Download (260.3 KB) pdf
67QRs and Trial Directives of Pneumatic Telescopic Mast04 Dec 2014Download (420.43 KB) pdf
68 Trial Directives of Solar Battery Charger for Radio Set05 Dec 2014Download (478.3 KB) pdf
69QRs and Trial Directives of Satellite Personal Tracker System05 Dec 2014Download (259.21 KB) pdf
70QRs and Trial Directives of Field Telephone Cable JWD-108 Dec 2014Download (370.38 KB) pdf
71QRS and Trial Directives of Radio Communication Test Set(Analog/Digital)30 Dec 2014Download (1.35 MB) pdf
72Trial Directives of Integrated Communication System (ICS)30 Jan 2015Download (192.04 KB) pdf
73QRs and Trial Directives of Super Cop Belt with Basic Pouches and Accessories.06 Feb 2015Download (62.14 KB) pdf
74QRs and TDs of Network Switches Layer-221 Apr 2015Download (241.33 KB) pdf
75 QRs and TDs of Command and Control Centre.21 Apr 2015Download (464.75 KB) pdf
76QRs and TDs of Firewall/Multi functional Security Appliance.21 Apr 2015Download (587.66 KB) pdf
77QRs and Trial Directives of Wireless Mesh Radio05 May 2015Download (1.55 MB) pdf
78QRs and TDs of DSLAM 100 Subscribers.07 Aug 2015Download (67.8 KB) PDF
79Trial Directives of Digital UHF Radio Sets (Hand Held, Mobile & Repeater Sets.07 Aug 2015Download (879.62 KB) PDF
80QRS and Trial Directives of Diagnostic and Repair system for PC based Equipment13 Aug 2015Download (152.74 KB) PDF
81QRs and TDs of Multi-Level Security Authentication Device With Digital Signature for VPN on Internet.17 Aug 2015Download (367.49 KB) PDF
82QR & TD of Sand Goggle21 Aug 2015Download (717.19 KB) PDF
83QR & TD of 3G Mobile Phone29 Aug 2015Download (296.55 KB) pdf
84Body Worn video Cameras System/ Wireless Body Worn Video System.12 Aug 2016Download (126.04 KB) PDF
85QRs and TDs of GIS Project with Hardware and Software20 Aug 2016Download (510.24 KB) PDF
86Revised QRs and Trial Directives Broadband Radio Relay For PSTN Network Connectivity.03 Nov 2016Download (172.86 KB) PDF
87Revised QRs and Trial Directives of HF Manpack and Static Transceivers.31 Jul 2017Download (3.95 MB) PDF