Qualitative requirements specification Surveillance Equipment LIST

Qualitative requirements specification Surveillance Equipment LIST
1Digital Audio Miniature Bugs 27 Mar 2006Download (43.94 KB) pdf
2 Hand Held Thermal Imager19 Aug 2008Download (15.34 KB) pdf
3Twin Telescope05 Sep 2007Download (12.04 KB) pdf
4Video Bugs in Button 27 Mar 2006Download (3.03 MB) pdf
5Video Bugs in spectacles27 Mar 2007Download (3.03 MB) pdf
6Video Bugs in Tie Pin27 Mar 2007Download (3.03 MB) pdf
7Video Camera Recorder with Zoom09 May 2006Download (1.03 MB) pdf
8 Through Wall Rader Systems09 Jun 2012Download (89.38 KB) pdf
9Digital SLR Camera 05 Jun 2009Download (32.11 KB) pdf
10 Wireless Camera Colour Infarared Night Vision15 May 2006Download (3.43 MB) pdf
11IP Camera Based Video Surveillance Systems 05 Oct 2009Download (217.14 KB) pdf
12Handy Cam 05 Oct 2009Download (28.9 KB) pdf
13Video Camera in Spectacles Download (21.29 KB) pdf
14Discone, Porabolic Dish Antena (6 KL/9 KL)06 Oct 2004Download (60.73 KB) pdf
15Eye Ball Video11 Mar 2010Download (68.61 KB) pdf
16Through Wall Radar09 Jun 2010Download (89.38 KB) pdf
17Video Surveillance Systems17 Nov 2006Download (191.57 KB) pdf
18Day Vision Binocular 8 x 4201 Sep 2009Download (11.47 KB) pdf
19Holographic Reflex Sight/Reflex Sight with trial Directives11 Mar 2010Download (822.49 KB) pdf
20Night Vision Spottoscope01 Sep 2003Download (3.43 MB) pdf
21Day Version Binocular, Twin Telescope and Mobile Surveillance Vehicle 05 Sep 2007Download (39.09 KB) pdf
22Laser Aim Sight MP-5 Day(Holographic Sight) 13 Dec 2002Download (32.13 KB) pdf
23PNV Binocular Alongwith Laser Illuminators Download (20.43 KB) pdf
24Binoculars without inbuilt Digital Compass24 Aug 2009Download (34.76 KB) pdf
25Direction Finder09 Mar 2010Download (510.43 KB) pdf
26Hand Held Laser Range Finder07 Jul 2006Download (80.32 KB) pdf
27Laser Range Finder11 Mar 2010Download (98.82 KB) pdf
28Multipurpose Camera with Night Scope and Objective Lenses11 Oct 2009Download (105.31 KB) pdf
29Passive Night Sight for 5.56mm Insas Rifles and LMG.17 Aug 2012Download (121.56 KB) pdf
30PNV Binocular & PNV Monocular17 Aug 2012Download (238.57 KB) pdf
31PNV Goggles23 Jun 2009Download (57.2 KB) pdf
32PNV Goggles for Drivers23 Jun 2009Download (196.43 KB) pdf
33Static Camera Based Under Vehicle Inspection System03 Jun 2009Download (67.88 KB) pdf
34Tripod for Matrix Plus Hand Held Laser Range Finder05 Sep 2012Download (379.39 KB) pdf
35Video Surveillance System17 Nov 2006Download (2.59 MB) pdf
36Trial Directive for Video Surveillance Ball08 Jul 2013Download (1.9 MB) PDF
37Trial Directive for Hand Held Thermal Imager (Cooled version)10 Feb 2014Download (1.04 MB) pdf
38QRs and Trial Directives for Hand Held Laser Range Finder (HHLRF).17 Feb 2014Download (769.65 KB) pdf
39Trial Directives of PNV Monocular and PNV Binocular.17 Feb 2014Download (685.58 KB) pdf
40QRs/Trial Directives for High Resolution Binocular with Graticule17 Feb 2014Download (405.52 KB) pdf
41QRs/Trial Directives of Ni-MH Battery for Hand Held Radio Set20 Feb 2014Download (414.6 KB) pdf
42QRs and Trial Directives of Mini Surveillance Control Centre12 Aug 2014Download (878.82 KB) pdf
43QRs of 'Long Range Reconnaissance and Observation System ( LORROS)'09 Jan 2015Download (1.51 MB) pdf
44QRs and Trial Directive for Multi Purpose Long Range Surveillance Camera05 Feb 2015Download (180.58 KB) pdf
45QRs and TDs OF IP BASED CCTV SYSTEM27 May 2015Download (9.53 MB) pdf
46QRs and TDs of Binocular 20X10 Aug 2015Download (822.13 KB) PDF
47QRs and TDs for Under Vehicle Scanning System with Image & Automated License plate recognition system09 Sep 2015Download (269.19 KB) PDF
48QRs and TDs of Two Wheeled Day and Night Surveillance Robot27 May 2016Download (124.95 KB) PDF
49 QRs and Trial Directive of Night Vision Weapon Singh(Thermal)/Weapon Mounted Thermal System03 Nov 2016Download (671.15 KB) PDF
50QRs and Trial Directive of Ground Penetrating RADAR (Hand Held)07 Nov 2016Download (435.75 KB) PDF
51QRs and TDs of Four Wheeled Day and Night Surveillance Robot23 Jan 2017Download (154.3 KB) PDF
52 QRs and Trial Directive of Long Range Reconnaissance and Observation System (LORROS)17 Mar 2017Download (9.56 MB) PDF