Qualitative requirements specification Training Equipment-LIST

Qualitative requirements specification Training Equipment-LIST
1Advance Weapon Simulator 27 Aug 2009Download (383.07 KB) pdf
2Composite Indoor Shooting Range(Target System) to ITBP. 25 Feb 2011Download (259.49 KB) pdf
3 Composite Indoor Shooting Range (Target System). 27 Apr 2010Download (205.8 KB) pdf
4Dog Training Equipment(Agility) 12 Oct 2009Download (77.38 KB) pdf
5Driving Training Simulator(DTS) 23 Sep 2008Download (108.73 KB) pdf
6Forward Observer Simulator 07 Aug 2006Download (287.81 KB) pdf
7Interactive Live Fire Digital Target System at the Under Ground Virtual Shooting Range(UVSR)09 Jul 2009Download (134 KB) pdf
8IWESS(Infantry Weapons Effect Simulator system) 01 Sep 2006Download (449.77 KB) pdf
9Location for Miss and Hit Target System30 Oct 2009Download (200.99 KB) pdf
10QRs and TDs for Advance Small Arms Training Simulator(08 Lanes)09 Jan 2015Download (5.7 MB) pdf
11QRs and Trial Directive for Location of Miss and Hit Target System (LOMAH)05 Feb 2015Download (156.08 KB) pdf
12QRs and Trial Directives of Target System(Electornic popup target, electronic turning target system, electronic moving target system05 Feb 2015Download (232.21 KB) pdf
13QRs for Composite Indoor Shooting Range(CISR) Target System.20 Feb 2015Download (298.38 KB) pdf
14QRs and TDs for 81MM Mortar Simulator08 Oct 2015Download (1.56 MB) PDF
15Revised QRs and Trial Directives of Target Systems25 Jan 2016Download (370.33 KB) PDF
16QRs and Trial Directives of Outdoor Reflex Shooting Range20 Aug 2016Download (203.39 KB) PDF
17Revised QRs/Specification and Trial Directives for Kerosene Oil fired Bukhari Complete with Exhaust Pipes.30 Nov 2016Download (542.61 KB) PDF