Qualitative requirements specification Vehicles Equipment-LIST

Qualitative requirements specification Vehicles Equipment-LIST
1Ambulance-cum-Dog Van21 May 2007Download (1.47 MB) pdf
2Fast Patrol Boats06 Nov 2017Download (28.19 KB) pdf
3Hover Craft03 Jul 2008Download (38.98 KB) pdf
4Ops Room Vehicle31 Mar 2005Download (42.63 KB) pdf
5 Medium Water Tanker27 Mar 2006Download (34.12 KB) pdf
6Long Chassis (Bus)07 Jul 2006Download (136.4 KB) pdf
7Short Chassis (Mini Bus)07 Jul 2006Download (104.19 KB) pdf
8Truck Chassis 07 Jul 2006Download (66.77 KB) pdf
9Truck Chassis one Tone (Window Grill TypeCanvas Top)07 Jul 2006Download (69.19 KB) pdf
104.7 Mtr Rubberized Inflatable Boat26 Dec 2007Download (86.14 KB) pdf
11All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)12 Nov 2010Download (128.11 KB) pdf
12Ambulance07 Jul 2006Download (203.47 KB) pdf
13Bullet Proof Vehicle22 Feb 2011Download (240.4 KB) pdf
14CNG Buses (Heavy- 52 Seaters & Medium -32 Seaters)05 Dec 2011Download (569.08 KB) pdf
15EOD Response Vehicle21 Jul 2009Download (98.49 KB) pdf
16Hydraulic Ladder Mounted on Vehicle11 Sep 2009Download (412.21 KB) pdf
17Mini Remotely Operated Vehicle (Trial Directive)18 Jan 2010Download (127.09 KB) pdf
18Mobile Surveillance Vehicle (MSV)10 Jul 2009Download (172.29 KB) pdf
19Rigid Inflatable Boats29 Aug 2007Download (182.37 KB) pdf
20Skid Steer Loader10 Aug 2011Download (207.47 KB) pdf
21Three Wheeler (Delivery Van)18 Oct 2010Download (86.11 KB) pdf
22Top Covered Boat 75 HP OBMs(Four Strokes)05 Nov 2012Download (209.09 KB) pdf
23Trial Directive for Tractor Trolley05 Apr 2013Download (511.32 KB) pdf
24 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)02 Feb 2012Download (389.58 KB) pdf
25Water Tanker (6KL/9KL)07 Jul 2006Download (257.22 KB) pdf
26 Watermanship Equipment (Over Water Capability)25 Sep 2009Download (77.5 KB) pdf
27Trial Directives of Fast Attack Craft26 Oct 2012Download (5.23 MB) pdf
28QRs and Trial Directive for Aluminium Boat with 40/50 HP OBM(04 Stroke), Jet Boat, 20 Mtrs Long Steel Boat, Amphibious Boat.01 Oct 2014Download (791.85 KB) PDF
29QRs & Trial Directives of Fast Patrolling Boat16 Oct 2014Download (819.71 KB) pdf
30QRs and Trial Directives of Field Search Light (FSL)01 Oct 2014Download (1.21 MB) pdf
31QRs and Trial Directives of Mechanized Boats.28 Oct 2014Download (2.03 MB) pdf
32QRs & Specification of Dog Van .01 Jan 2015Download (2.37 MB) pdf
33QRs & Specification of Mobile Toilet Vehicle.01 Jan 2015Download (1.57 MB) pdf
34QRs & Specification of Mobile Kitchen Vehicle.01 Jan 2015Download (2.99 MB) pdf
35QRs/Specifications of CAMEL VAN.01 Jan 2015Download (2.46 MB) pdf
36QRs/Specifications of Horse Float .01 Jan 2015Download (1.29 MB) pdf
37Hosting of QRs-Technical specification of High Speed Combat Boat For ITBP .09 Jan 2015Download (4.19 MB) pdf
38QRs and Trial Directive for Out Board Motors (OBMs)05 Feb 2015Download (893.81 KB) pdf
39QRs and Tiral Directive for FRP Single Engine Speed Boat with 4 Stroke OBM15 Feb 2015Download (140.75 KB) pdf
40 QRs and Trial Directives for Rigid Inflatable with 4 stroke OBM16 Feb 2015Download (516.7 KB) pdf
41QRs and Trial Directives for Camel Van12 May 2015Download (972.14 KB) pdf
42QRs and TDs for Deep Fridge Vehicle20 May 2015Download (235.15 KB) pdf
43QRs and TDs for High Speed Combat Boat.20 May 2015Download (460.56 KB) pdf
44QRs and Trial Directives of Deep FridgeVehicle20 May 2015Download (1.13 MB) PDF
45QRs and Trial Directive for 14 Nos Special Equipments for COBRA Troops under COBRA Sector.02 Jun 2015Download (3.21 MB) PDF
46QRs and Trial Directive for Dog Van.07 Jul 2015Download (184.24 KB) PDF
47QRs and Trial Directive for Horse Float.10 Jul 2015Download (320.31 KB) PDF
48QRs and Trial Directive for Medium Crafts.26 Jul 2015Download (617.33 KB) PDF
49QRs and Trial Directive for Heavy Vehicle Driving Simulator.10 Aug 2015Download (712.34 KB) PDF
50QRs and Trial Directive for Hydraulic Ladder14 Aug 2015Download (1.13 MB) PDF
51Revised QRs and TDs of High Powered Speed Boat17 Nov 2015Download (9.09 KB) PDF
52QRs and TD for 9 meter fast patrol interceptor boat with covered cabin09 May 2016Download (236.91 KB) PDF
53QRs and Trial Directive of Mini All Terrain Vehicle.05 Nov 2016Download (252.02 KB) PDF
54QRs and TDs for Recovery Vehicles 5 Ton Capacity .10 Feb 2017Download (4.91 MB) PDF
56QRs of Emergency Rescue Tender .07 Feb 2017Download (234.44 KB) PDF
57QRs of Water Tanker of capacity 12 KL .07 Feb 2017Download (134.68 KB) PDF
58Trial Directives fo Water Tenker .07 Feb 2017Download (426.08 KB) PDF
59Trial Directives of Crash Water Foam Fire Tender .07 Feb 2017Download (264.58 KB) PDF
60Trial Directives of Emergency Rescue Tender. .07 Feb 2017Download (193.69 KB) PDF
61Corregendum. .07 Feb 2017Download (72.07 KB) PDF
62Corregendum. .07 Feb 2017Download (51.44 KB) PDF
63QRs and Trial Directive of Fast Attack Crafts .07 Feb 2017Download (1.1 MB) PDF
64Draft Qualitative Requirement of Vehicle Mounted Surveillance System.15 Sep 2017Download (4.04 MB) PDF