National Advisories

National Advisories
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21 Advisory on Arrest of an accused outside the State/UT Jurisdiction
22 Advisory on preventing and combating human trafficking in India - dealing with foreign nationals
23 Advisory on Preventing & Combating Cyber Crime against Children
24 Advisory on the policy for the treatment of terminally ill prisoners-inmates (TIPs)(Dated 13th August 2010)
25 Advisory on Prevention and Combating Human Trafficking during Commonwealth Games.(Dated 10th September 2010)
26 Advisory on Prevention, Registration, Investigation and Prosecution of Crime.(Dated 16th 2010)
27 Advisory on Crime Against children.(Dated 14th July 2010)
28 Advisory on Media Policy of Police.(Dated 1st April 2010)
29 Advisory on Crime against Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes - Measures needed to curb(Dated 1st April 2010)
30 Law and Order More Information
31 Advisory on the implementation of PCR Act (dated 3rd February 2005) More Information
32 Advisory on Crime against Women - Measures needed to curb More Information
33 Advisory on Crime against Women - Measures needed to curb