Request for comments of stakeholders/OEM on Draft QRs

Draft Qualitative requirements (QRS) forwarded by CAPFs are uploaded on the website of MHA as well as CAPFs for 15 days to receive comments of vendors and possible manufacturers to ensure market availability of the subject item. It also ensures that QRS of subject items would be generic in nature and not vendor specific. Hence, wide publicity of draft QRS to possible stakeholders/vendors is desirable.

Draft QRS and Trial Directive

Draft QRS and Trial Directive
1Uploading of approved QRs/TDs of Weapon based Single Channel Thermal Imaging Sight for 7.62 mm LMG/MMG (un-cooled Version)Download (3.51 MB) pdf
2Revision of Qualitative Requirement of Hand Held Search LightDownload (6.54 MB) PDF
3Qualitative Requirement and Trail Directive for Ground Penetrating Radar (Hand Held)Download (3.07 MB) PDF
4QRs "Perimeter Surveillance Radar for 500 & 1000 Meter range"Download (2.63 MB) PDF
5Qualitative Requirements of Body Worn Camera SystemDownload (1.37 MB) PDF
6Request for comments of stakeholders/OEM on draft QRs of GPR (Hand Held)Download (2.45 MB) pdf
7Perimeter Surveillance Radar for 500 & 1000 meter rangeDownload (3.42 MB) pdf
8 Body Worn Camera duly formulated by Sub-group of technical experts Download (2.52 MB) pdf
9Hand Held Search Light dully formulated by sub-group of technical expertsDownload (8.16 MB) pdf
10QRs and Trial Directives of Sniper Rifle Fire Control SystemDownload (133.83 KB) PDF
11EOI OF VHF RadiosDownload (622.17 KB) pdf
12QRs and TDs of K9 EquipmentDownload (191.39 KB) PDF
13Hosting of draft QRs/Specification and TDs on MHA website for 15 dayDownload (1023.63 KB) pdf
14QRs/TDs of B.P. Patka : Submission of PDF file regardingDownload (600.55 KB) pdf
16115 HP FOUR STROKE OBMDownload (2.55 MB) pdf
173C X 06 Sqmm CU ARM XLPE insulated cableDownload (939.52 KB) pdf
18COMPUTER WORK STATIONDownload (1007.9 KB) pdf
19Qualitative requirment (QR) of Water Scooter For 3 MenDownload (3.99 MB) pdf
20RACK SERVER 2 CPUDownload (978.83 KB) pdf
21MONITOR 55 INCH(industrial grade) with wall mountDownload (634.21 KB) pdf
22Command Control & Analytical SoftwareDownload (5.5 MB) pdf
23QRs reg-Door Access Controller.Download (331.91 KB) PDF
24Biometric Reader, Keypad Reader, Display.Download (178.76 KB) PDF
25Smart Card Reader Cum Controller.Download (176.33 KB) PDF