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UT Division
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1 Resignation and Imposing President Rule in GNCTD

Notification regarding appointment of Sh. Arvind Kejriwal as CM,Delhi and its Ministers

Download (1.23 MB) S.O.410(E)
2 Delegation of powers

The Family Court Acts, 1984.(Hindi)

Download (57.22 KB) S.O.52(E)
3 Revocation

Notification regarding revocation w.e.f 1.10.1953,the powers to the chief Commissioners of Ajmer Coorg and Delhi under 'The Indian Companies Act,1913,(VII of 1913)other than Section 3.

Download (173.11 KB) 20/9/53-Judl.
4 Tripura

The Bombay Home Guards Act,1947(3 of 1947)

Download (852.87 KB) GSR 1421
6 Order

Lieutenant-Governors(Himachal Pradesh and Vindhya Pradesh)(Salaries and Allowances)Order,1952 .

Download (494.86 KB) S.R.O 1221
7 Gazette Notification

Notification regarding-Extension of The Societies Registration (Goa Daman and Diu First Amendment) Act, 1979.

Download (518.5 KB) No. 1039
9 Delegation of powers

Chief Commissioners of Bhopal,Bilaspur,Himachal Pradesh,Kutch,Manipur,Tripura and Vindhya Pradesh to exercise the powers of a State Government under certain Sections of 'The Drugs Act ,1940'(XXIII of 1940)

Download (368.76 KB) S.R.O 601
10 The Chief Secretary, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.


Download (18.85 KB) No.14040/10/2015-UTS-II
15 Delegation of powers

LG of Himachal Pradesh and Chief Commissioner of Delhi to exercise the powers under section 8 of 'The Employees' Provident Funds Act, 1952(19 of 1952)

Download (141.63 KB) S.NO 2057
18 Extension of State Acts to Delhi

The United Provinces Village Abadi Act, 1948 (United Provinces Act Ill of 1948)

Download (1.17 MB) SRO 1565
20 Delegation of Power

LG of Himachal Pradesh and Chief Commissioner of Delhi,Manipur and Tripura to exercise the powers of state Government under 'The Working Journalists (Conditions of Service) and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1955(45 of 1955)'(Hindi).

Download (121.5 KB) S.O.2957
DM Division
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5 Disaster Management

Corrigendum (Hindi)

Download (179.57 KB) S.O.668(E)
8 Disaster Management Act, 2005.

Notification regarding nomination of Members of NDMA and designating Gen. N.C. Vij as VC. NDMA.(Hindi)

Download (52.28 KB) S.O.1618(E)
17 Disaster Management Act

Nomination of Shri Jyoti Kumar Sinha as Member of NDMA

Download (E) S.O 1253(E)
Administration Division
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11 Notification on Official Language

Notification on Percentage of Staff having working knowledge of Hindi

Download (554.04 KB) 12071/1/2012-Hindi
NE Division
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12 Disturbed area

Declaration of the Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts of Arunachal Pradesh and the area falling within the jurisdiction of 11 police stations in the districts of Arunachal Pradesh bordering State of Assam as 'disturbed area'- regarding.

Download (741.36 KB) S.O.3208(E)

Entrie Area of the State of Manipur excluding the Imphal Municipal Area

Download (180.26 KB) No. 2/8(6)/97-H
IS-I Division
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13 Delegation of powers to DPIIT under Section 43(1) of the Arms Act, 1959

Delegation of powers to DPIIT to grant manufacturing licence for certain arms and ammunition and defence items - In Supersession of notification S.O 1636 (E) dated 19.05.17 and delegation of power to DIPP.

Download (376.86 KB) SO 6203(E)
14 Application for individual arms licences as per Arms Rules, 2016

Advisory to the States/UTs for directing the applicants to apply afresh in context with their pending applications for PB/ NPB arms licences transferred on heirloom basis/all India validity etc.

Download (329.8 KB) No. V-11026/104/2014-Arms (Vol. I)
19 GSRs / SOs regarding exemptions / exclusions / withdrawals - A Compendium of old notifications and old orders from year 1962 to 2013

Compendium of Notifications:

• GSR 991 dated 13.7.1962, GSR 993 dated 13.7.1962, SO 1920 dated 6.7.1963, SO 2461 dated 9.7.1964,
• SO 1124 dated 22.3.1968, SO 2151 dated 12.5.1969, GSR 2113 dated 21.8.1969, S.O 1451 dated 25.3.1971, GSR 693 dated 30.4.1971, GSR 950 dated 2.6.1971, GSR 591 dated 3.5.1972, SO 3721 dated 8.9.1972, GSR 15 dated 28.12.1974, GSR 388 dated 9.3.1978, GSR 1414 dated 20.11.1978, GSR 282 dated 15.12.1978, GSR 4 dated 21.12.1979, GSR 378(E) dated 23.6.1980, SO 667(E) dated 12.9.1985, SO 831(E) dated 02.08.2002, SO 568 (E) dated 12.05.2004, SO 1864 (E) dated 19.10.2007, SO 954 dated 08.12.1987, SO 952(E) dated 20.03.2009, SO 591(E) dated 06.06.2013

Download (387.14 KB)