Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1Facilities granted to persons belonging to minority communities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan staying in India on LTV.Download (3.4 MB) pdf
2Stay Visa/Residential Permit/Long Term Visa (LTV) Policy for Afghan nationals.Download (3.63 MB) pdf
3Instructions relating to issue of Residential Permits to Japanese nationals holding Employment Visa and their dependents holding Entry Visa.Download (16.93 KB) pdf
4FAQs relating to grant of Visa to crew of non-scheduled airlines and chartered flights and issue of Temporary Landing Permits (TLPs)Download (74.01 KB) pdf
5FAQs relating to Conference VisaDownload (82.74 KB) pdf
6FAQs relating to Tourist VisaDownload (117.03 KB) pdf
7FAQs relating to FCRADownload (227.92 KB) pdf