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SI No Title Download/Link Date
1 Final Estimates for the Financial Year 2022-23 under Grant No. 49-MHA, Grant No. 50-Cabinet and Grant No. 51-Police Download 1.07 MB) -
2 Final Revised Estimates 2022-23 in respect of Demand No. 51-Police Download 18.86 MB) -
3 Monitoring of long pending Court Cases using LIMBS Portal Download 1.36 MB) -
4 Framing amendment of recruitment rule for the post of Inspector in SSF, MHA Download 3.6 MB) -
5 Award of Service Medals/Gallantry Medals on the occasion of Republic Day 2023. Download 39.36 KB) -
6 Consideration of Demands for Grants (2023-24) of the Ministry of Home Affairs by the Department- related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs Download 1.91 MB) -
7 Republic Day Ceremony, 2023 Download 1.81 MB) -
8 Uploading/updating of contents on the MHA Website and furnishing of Hindi version of website content-reg. Download 40.62 KB) -
9 Beating Retreat Ceremony, 2023- Security arrangement in connection therewith Download 233.55 KB) -
10 Republic Day Celebration, 2023- Beating the Retreat Ceremony Download 99.18 KB) -
11 Early Closure of Offices in connection with Republic Day Parade/Beating Retreat Ceremony/At Home Function during January 2023 Download 520.58 KB) -
12 Traffic restrictions during Republic Day Celebrations, 2023 Rehearsals Download 106.45 KB) -
13 Nomination of CPIO in various Division of MHA Download 737.21 KB)
14 List of Zero Hours pending raised during 10th Session of the 17th Lok Sabha Download 4.57 MB)
15 Nomination of Appellate Authority(AA) in IS-I Division of MHA Download 159.77 KB)
16 Tentative list of Lok Sabha Starred/Unstarred Question due for answer on 27.12.2022 Download 1.22 MB)
17 Relieving of Sh. Swagat Das, IPS(CH:1987), Special Secretary (Internal Security), MHA Download 381.26 KB)
18 Final list of Rajya Sabha Starred/Unstarred Questions due for answer on 21.12.2022 Download 1.69 MB)
19 Nomination of CPIOs MHA Download 179.71 KB)
20 Lok Sabha List Download 1.42 MB)