Police-I Division
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Bureau of Police Research & Development. Download (25.03 KB) pdf
North Eastern Police Academy. Download (10.71 KB) pdf
Counter Insurgency and Anti Terrorist School. Download (21.08 KB) pdf
Police-II Division
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Payment of ex-Gratia lump sum compensation to CPMF (now CAPF) personnel who are boarded out of service on account of disability attributable to or aggravated in service. Download (14.75 KB) pdf
Modified Scheme for common recruitment of constables in CPMFs Download (2.19 MB) pdf
Recruitment of constables in J&K amendment Download (2.19 MB) pdf
Prime Minister's Scholarship scheme guidelines for 2008-2009 onwards Download (129.55 KB) pdf
Rehabilitation Wing
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Scheme for providing relief and rehabilitation assistance to Sri-Lankan refugees in the refugee camps Download (37.06 KB) pdf
UT Division
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Schemes and Budget Download (331.59 KB) pdf