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SR-No Title Download/Link Date of issue
36 MHA Order dated 19.04.2020 for deputing Inter Ministerial Central Teams to West Bengal Download (859.67 KB) pdf 20-04-2020
37 DO Lr. Dt. 19.4.2020 to Chief Secretaries and Administrators reg. ensuring strict complaiance of lockdown measures Download (1.45 MB) pdf 19-04-2020
38 DO Lr. Dt. 19.4.2020 to Chief Secretaries and Administrators reg. exclusion of e-Commerce Download (1.36 MB) pdf 19-04-2020
39 MHA Order Dt. 19.4.2020 with SOP for movement of stranded labour within the State and UT Download (1.15 MB) pdf 19-04-2020
40 MHA Order Dt. 19.4.2020 to exclude e-Commerce from Consolidated revised guidelines of 15.4.2020 Download (529.46 KB) pdf 19-04-2020
41 MHA Order Dated 16.4.2020 on Consolidated Revised Guidelines Download (697.01 KB) pdf 16-04-2020
42 The Salaries and Allowances of Ministers(Amendment) Ordinance,2020(09042020) Download (730.94 KB) pdf 16-04-2020
43 Home Secretary DO with Order dt 15.4.20, for dissemination & strict implementation Download (1.09 MB) pdf 15-04-2020
44 MHA order dt 15.04.2020, with Revised Consolidated Guidelines Download (1.07 MB) pdf 15-04-2020
45 Consolidated Guidelines of MHA on Lockdown measures on containment of COVID-19 Download (422.28 KB) PDF 14-04-2020
46 MHA DO letter dt.14.4.2020 to Chief Secretaries and Administrators for strict implementation of Lockdown Order during extended period Download (3.12 MB) pdf 14-04-2020
47 DO Lr Dt. 12.4.2020 to Chief Secretaries and Administrators reiterating that the guidelines to be implemented about movement of persons and vehicles Download (2.97 MB) pdf 12-04-2020
48 DO Lr. Dt. 12.4.2020 to Chief Secretaries and Administrators reg. welfare activities towards migrants Download (1.98 MB) pdf 12-04-2020
49 MHA Order Dated 10.4.2020 along with 5th Addendum giving exemption to Fishing (Marine) and Aquaculture Industry Download (1 MB) pdf 10-04-2020
50 DO letter dated 10.4.2020 to Chief Secretaries Administrators DGPs and CP Delhi for ensuring lockdown measures during ensuing festivals Download (2.52 MB) pdf 10-04-2020
51 DO Letter Dt. 7.4.2020 to Chief Secretaries and Administrtators reg. essential commodities by invoking Essential Commodities Act Download (1.72 MB) pdf 08-04-2020
52 Supply of Medical Oxygen smooth and hassle-free Download (282.24 KB) pdf 06-04-2020
53 01.04.2020 J&K Reorg (Adaptation of State Laws) Order Download (1.99 MB) pdf 04-04-2020